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13th December 2011

4:33am: A Bit of a Downer Sidestory for the Abuse AU
Because there's scenes that keep going around my mind while I'm not able to write the one I'm at.

These will all be focus-points and definitely expanded, but in Act 4.

I'm not kidding about the downer scenes.Collapse )

12th December 2011

11:48pm: Tell me about a story I haven't written,
and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that

22nd October 2011

1:01am: What I was gonna do today:
1) Watch the last two weeks' episodes of the Office.

2) Write the last bit of this fill because it invaded my sleep and it's looking to only be another four pages anyway.

3) Write these last two microfills because there's another still anon.

4) Draw a quick jokey comic where J!Anders meets Eldritch-Mommy Morrigan and they rant about who knows what's best for mages more.

5) Write more of the Abuse-fic because it's so close to done with this part.

6) Order some dinner from like the burger place or somethin'

7) Send Abuse-fic for beta

8) Write more of the Justice/F!Hawke-Secret-From-Anders fic Natalie asked for like two months ago that's about half to two thirds done what the fuck I used to be fast.

9) Try to think up an original ten page story to get back into SCAD.

What I did tonight instead:

1) Watched the last two weeks' episodes of the Office

2) Went to a bar for dinner and got a chocotini because HURTIN'. Paid way too much for cheese but I do have brie now. Checked for any new fills I might like on my phone from the DAk!Meme, saw this prompt and hoped it wouldn't take root.

3) Went to the coffee shop next to the bar because godsdamn I love coffee.

4) Went to the bakery with the post office hidden inside to check the times for mail drop-offs.

5) Bought DAA for my friend Mal and DAO/1600MS points for my new pal Joey who's been stuck hearing three girls ramble about "OHMGADS LOVE THIS SERIES!" in our four-man XBL chats.

6) Watched Top Chef Just Desserts.

7) Chatted with my brother on XBL for a bit.

8) Couldn't help myself from writing this.

17th October 2011

11:57am: Oh what am I doing, Stalkernons, this should be a side-scene.
And that means you guys should have it now. It's appropriate to the story but it ruins the flow of it. Parts of this will still be in there, but the backstories are going to be editted out, and I'll change the wording.

If I progress bar'd this fic chunk like Hussie, I'd say it's at 87%, and part 3 is at 8%, fully outlined. I know how I want this bit to end, and I've got one and a half Daylen scenes (because I'm in the middle of one of them), two Circle scenes, and two Hawke scenes, one of them to end this part. Part three will have a LOT of Daylen scenes, a few Circle scenes including the why-Anders-broke-down from Daylen 1, and a few small Hawke scenes, and Part four, the final part, will have the fallout of every ending. OP asked for a happy ending, so that'll be interesting.

I guess you'll get a brief poking of my headcanon backgrounds for these guys, and funnily enough, it's not just for this fic.Collapse )

16th October 2011

1:15pm: Another Mircofill!
I told him I only needed 250 words.Collapse )

Remainder of Dav's fic!Collapse )
10:54am: Alright, I'm (re)posting this.
My brother has a slew of original D&D characters. In particular, he has a few he uses as his default gaming thrus on games that let you design the MC (Particularly Bioware games). He asked me to insert some of his into DA2. So I did. I was a bit upset I was required to do a certain pairing (femOC/Merrill when I wanted Merrill/Carver<3) but I think I got it down okay.

I don't care if anyone else does. I just wanted to make him happy, and he loved it. So I borrowed Tala's Marian-take (I've not beaten the game the third time through yet) and I tried to fit everyone. I posted this on FF.net a few weeks back, and now I'm putting it here for archival purposes and because, well... It actually might do what I asked page-break wise here.

This is a very gratuitous fic but it wasn't for anyone else jus' archivin' anywayCollapse )

14th October 2011

2:53pm: I only promised this in August, Don't Mind Me.
So true fact: Powder_Trauma loves Dragon Age Origins. Artemischan and Talasar and AgentAK love the entire series, and I’m pretty damn obsessed myself. And when I realised how many of us crossed over, I kind of felt obligated to crossover a bit. Mostly because the idea of Templamancers chasing Church is almost as amazing as the realisation that that means that Wash and Maine and Wyoming are chasing Church while all four of them are wearing some sorta skirt. Co-writing this with AgentAK and possibly anyone else who wants to play.

Stats at the end guysCollapse )
12:01am: Pimping especially for my Stalkernons:
They'll still be posted here, but here's where I'll announce all day fill-a-thons

8th October 2011

12:58am: Dear Stalkenon, I’m terribly sorry it’s taken so long to, well, churn out anything. I’m tryin’ but this week is completely shot.


Have what is basically a deleted scene in which Sebastian is smarter than everyone else thinks but Anders still tries to be the smartest one and no-one else even notices what Seb sees much less what Anders does.

This could be better, sorry.Collapse )

29th September 2011

12:58pm: Repost from defunct Tumblr
The premise is in absolutely no way did Alistair get a single chance to get laid throughout the entire DAO game. At all. The times he could've he missed.

And now he's nineteen and even being king won't get him any and he'll take the first chance he can get no matter what. Vigil's Keep doesn't make this easier on him.

I had no idea that Nathaniel Howe could be Alistair's ideal foil before this, by the wayCollapse )

7th September 2011

10:33pm: I guess deanon before posting is my new thing?
No, wait. My new thing is totally taking a picture of everything I drink even if it's tapwater and planning a coffee table book.

I'm going to hell for this fanfic. Especially since I'm listening to ::Pumped Up Kicks:: while I'm at it and this so isn't about a guy who was tortured while everyone else was fine...

Anyway, for the kinkmeme guys- There's a lot of pairings in this. Main ones are Anders/Karl, Karl/Rylock, Anders/Rylock, Anders/m!Amell, Anders/Hawke, and just, name a templar, Anders and Karl fucked them.

If you're squicked by anything remotely dubcon or coercive or the idea of sixteen and seventeen year olds being in such circumstances, don't read this. Really. I won't mind.Collapse )

5th September 2011

11:21pm: I had ::Party Rock Anthem:: on a loop this whole fic. I had a good time.
This is so one of the best text chains I've ever had.

This is a chain-ish comment fic, guys. Anyone who wants to write a scene, feel free. Someone cuts off your M!Cousland with a F!Aeducan? REMEMBER THERE ARE A SHITLOAD OF WARDENS. Prefer F!Hawke to M!? CARVER AND BETHANY HAVE AN OLDER SISTER ALONG WITH HIM. Don't want Duncan dead? PIMPMASTERDUNCAN WILL SURVIVE. Prefer your Anders without the side order of Justice? SAY HELLO TO PROTECTIVE OLDER BROTHER JUSTICE. Don't like a pairing? SHIP YOURS.

One rule: Please don't disregard anyone else’s canon. If Bethany and Leliana fucked Fenris in one story, they slept with them in every aftermath story even if it's not touched on. Even if it's just to say that Morrigan disapproved. Build on the fun guys. We can make a text-cut masterlist of AU facts to touch on.

Start of game!Collapse )

21st March 2011

1:49am: And another archiving.
The original A/N: From ghostofthemotif, in response to a meme I stole from her:
SOMETHING WITH GAMMA. Because I barely ever see anything with him, and I kinda feel like he was in the Meta's head going 'fml'.

It's not exactly that. Hopefully, it's something better.

Thanks also to talasar because it's always fun to bounce our head-canons together. Your fic's tomorrow.

This may be my best fanfictional work, for the record.Collapse )
1:44am: Another Archive
This one was a community challenge fic, though.Collapse )
1:43am: A post-epi fic, during Recreation.
Seriously. No challenge, no meme, no AU. Just an episode response I wanted to archive here with the rest.Collapse )
1:41am: A sort of apology fic and for the fuck of it fic at once.
It was an apology in that the girl I wrote it for had me as her Secret Santa but I was, well, fucked over far more ways than one that Christmas. It's also an all-dialogue challenge fic.Collapse )
1:36am: And a few HSAU comment-fics.
This AU will never die in my head so long as it stays audience-participation and way too fun to write.Collapse )
1:32am: A lost V-Day Challenge. 2010 as well I believe.
Title: With Apologies to TeratoMarty
Pairing: Wash/Church
Rating: Can I say NC-17 hard enough?
Summary: Same as the prompt.
Prompt: If I could give you one gift, I would give you the ability to see yourself as I see you, so you could see how truly special you are.
A/N: I was pissed at my fandom. It didn't wane. Anyway, at this point, I'd decided to troll and troll hard, by mimicking TeratoMarty from Team Fortress 2 fandom fame. And that meant fucked up, funny and for some odd reason hot at the same time. This being RvB? I went with Robot!kink and armour!kink and unfulfilled sex. And I did it in character and within canon.

I can't, however, say it's my best work.Collapse )
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